Text Messaging

One to one text messaging came to life during the 2016 election cycle. SMS or Text messages are an effective way to reach voters that don’t have a landline. Progressive Contacts has the capacity to reach thousands of voters each day.

Our agents will connect with your preferred text messaging platform, such as Hustle, and reach out to voters with your pre-written messages. It’s very similar to our live calling program with a pre-defined script, but with text messages instead! It may take weeks for your volunteers to reach out to all of your targeted voters. It would only take Progressive Contacts a few days!

Any data or responses gathered by our agents can be exported back into your voter file. We can also respond with pre-written replies such as “don’t forget to vote” or “would you like to volunteer or attend the event?” On average, we see that 40% of the phone numbers that we receive from our clients are cell phones. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach these likely supporters. Text messages to these voters can increase their turnout likelihood and are a better ROI then robocalls to landlines.