Persuasion is our business.


For years, Progressive Contacts has been involved with political campaigns at municipal, state, and federal levels. We brought strong phones program to each campaign, targeting voters and bringing them to the polls. The company has spent years tailoring specific universes to polling data and crafting the winning message. Progressive Contacts knows data is the backbone of all field programs and will make sure you have all the information you want in the format you need.

Brian Sullivan

Brian founded Progressive Contacts to help Democrats succeed in the crucial 2010 election cycle. His experience is wide-ranging and includes crucial races like the 2005 Virginia Governor’s race, 2006 Montana Senate race, and the 2007/08 Obama for America Presidential Primary. He’s also worked on field programs for local, state, and Congressional campaigns. Brian’s fields of expertise including paid canvass, vote-by-mail, and phone programs.

Brian understands it takes repeated, effective contact to sway undecided voters.

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